Frequently Asked Questions

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How are the badges shipped?

All shipments are processed with UPS. Based on the shipping address provided in the checkout process your options for shipping will be listed.

Does my badge mean I am an ESCA Member?

The ESCA Badge does not include membership in the Exhibition Services & Contractors Association. The badge facilitates venue access for event workers.

Is Membership Required to get a badge?

Membership is not required to participate in the ESCA Worker Identification & Security Program – The ESCA Badge. ESCA Members will receive a discounted rate on their badges.

Some employees all work remotely, how should I ship their badges?

You can choose to process each order separately and ship each order to that employee’s address. Alternatively, you could also choose to order as a group and ship to an office location to distribute if the group will be together at an event or company meeting.

I’m at the checkout process, what does “save for later” mean?

Save for later will remove a badge from the active cart to be processed later. This can be helpful if you need to ship a particular badge to another location or if further changes need to be made. When you are ready simply add the badge back to the cart for checkout.

Where can I find my tracking information?

Once your order is complete tracking information will be updated in the order history. Click on View Past Orders and find the order you are looking for; the tracking number will be shown in the list. If you cannot locate your tracking information, please email for assistance.

If a badge is lost or damaged, how do we replace it?

Locate the employee record from your employee list and click on the magnifying glass beside their record to enter the employee details. From there you can simply click on Lost/Replace badge to add a new badge to the cart. This will mark the lost one as void creating a new card and updating the expiration date.

How do I add or remove a user to our company?

To add a user, go to your main company details page and click on add new user under the list of users. You will add their name, email address, and a temporary password. They will receive an email with this temporary password, and they will create their password when they log in. If you need to remove a user, simply click on the X to delete them from your company.

I’m on the road from show to show, how can I get my badge?

You have two options when you are traveling. You can ship to an office or home address and add a digital badge to your order to provide a PDF copy of the badge to use right away. Or you can select an expedited method of delivery and use a hotel address. Please be advised some hotels may have restrictions on receiving packages for guests so this option should be used with caution.

Does this badge grant me access to all show floors?

It is important to note that The ESCA Badge does not grant the bearer access to any events in any venue. The badge merely verifies that the individual is approved to enter the venue if they are being employed by a contractor working on a specific event. Venue security measures for specific events are still in force and all workers must be cleared to enter the events via the standard security requirements.

What is a Digital Badge and how can I access it?

A Digital Badge is a PDF copy of the photo ID ESCA Badge that can be added at the time of the new order or renewal. This digital badge can be scanned the same way as the physical badge. This option allows the company to obtain a badge when shipping may not arrive quickly enough. Once the order is complete you can download the digital badge from the employee profile. Digital Badges are only available on Photo Badges.

What is the difference between Full-Time, Part-Time, and Union badges?

All three will have the same 3-year badge life, however, each option allows for a different option for what is printed under the employee’s name. Full-Time will print the company name under the employees’ full name. Part-Time will print the employees’ work classification under the employee’s full name, such as Catering or Freight Handling. Union Badge will print the trade organization and local number under the employee’s full name.

If an employee no longer works with the company, what should I do with the badge?

Depending on the situation you have a few options. If the badge was purchased by the employee or union member you can simply click on Un-Employ beside their name in the employee list, this will remove them from your company list but allow their badge to remain active for the remainder of its expiration. If the badge was purchased by your company, we recommend that you ask them to return the badge and you can click on Delete beside their name in the employee list. This will remove them from your list and void the badge so it can no longer be used.

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